Annual General Meeting of the Old Glasgow Club held in the Council Chamber of the City Chambers on Thursday 10th May 2012 at 7.00pm





President Sannachan welcomed all members to the meeting and conducted a fire safety announcement and reminded all members to silence mobile phones.


There were apologies from Maureen McRobb, Jim O’ Kane, Anne Esler, Heather Forsyth, Mary Reid, Maida Gibson, Joy Blair, Marilyn Paterson and Graeme Smith.


The minutes of the 2011 AGM were circulated and approved by Petrina Cairns, seconded by Stuart Little.


The Librarians Report should read

“Mrs Forrest stated that the task of finding a venue for the Club’s books was an ongoing project.  100 books had recently been received from a donor and a further 30 had been bought or donated.”


Presidents Report

President Sannachan reported that Mr Brian Henderson has prepared a board of photographs at the entrance to the chamber and encouraged members to have a look.

Mrs Forrest has also brought copies of duplicate transactions and centenary handbooks if anyone wished to purchase them.

President Sannachan reflected that the 2011-2012 session had been another good year for the Old Glasgow Club. A notable event was achieving Charitable status for which the club is grateful to Mr Graeme Smith for organising.

Speakers this year covered a variety of subjects and while some were more successful than others, on the whole it had been an interesting selection.

Recent news concerning the saving of Perth City Hall by Historic Scotland was welcomed by Ms Sannachan and she reminded members to contact the club if they were aware of similar causes needing to be raised.

After the recent local elections there will be a new Lord or Lady Provost. He or she will be invited by the Club to become Honorary President. Current Lord Provost Winter will also be contacted to thank and congratulate him on his tenure.

Secretarys Report

Mrs McNae report is attached to this minute.

Membership Secretary’s Report

Mr Gordon reported that the club has 14 Life Members and 140 Ordinary Members.

Treasurers Report

Mrs Thom circulated the Club accounts for the year ended 31 March 2012.

The accounts were found to be in good order and had been examined by Jim Gibson and Gillian McGugan.

The adoption of the report was proposed by Murray Blair and seconded by Graham Smith.

Librarians Report

Mrs Forrest circulated a report on the contents of the Clubs Library and Archive.

Mr Blair raised the question about adding copies of the Clubs Transactions onto the website. The Directors answered that this was indeed a good idea but time and resources makes it labour intensive. Some have been scanned and hopefully more will be added to in the future.


Mr Blair also reminded the Directors that he had requested a letter be sent to the Deacon Convener of the Trade’s House regarding the receipt of 58 duplicate Transactions mentioned in the 2011 AGM minutes. He is surprised that there has been no such letter sent.

Ms Sannachan, as President offered to send a letter to the Trades House.

Mr Gibson commended Mrs Forrest on her comprehensive and extensive Library report.




Election of Office Bearers

Mr Gordon took the chair to commence with the election of Office Bearers.


President                      Alison Sannachan        Proposed: Sam Gordon

                                                                        Seconded: Brian Henderson

Vice President              Petrina Cairns             Proposed: Sam Gordon

                                                                        Seconded: Jim Gibson


Mr Gordon suggested that an amendment be made to the constitution regarding the election of the President and Vice President. These positions are up for election every two years so should they be re-nominated every year?


Hon. Secretary              Joyce McNae              Proposed: Margaret Thom

                                                                        Seconded: Isabel Haddow

Hon. Treasurer             Margaret Thom          Proposed: Gaynor MacKinnon

                                                                        Seconded: Hugh Wilson

Librarian                       Anna Forrest              Proposed: Hugh Wilson

                                                                        Seconded: Petrina Cairns

Membership Secretary   Sam Gordon                Proposed: Sharon Macys

                                                                        Seconded: Margaret Thom

Recording Secretary      Isabel Haddow                        Proposed: Margaret Thom

                                                                        Seconded: Shona Crozer



Mr Graeme Smith retires as Director this year and the Directors would again like to thank him for his help and support to the club. He has spoken to the Club twice, once on the Theatre Royal and once on the Alhambra Theatre. He also organised the Clubs transition into charitable status. We hope to see Mr Smith and his wife at future meetings.

Mr John Robertson has also resigned as a Director.


Continuing                     Sallie Marshall                       

                                    Brian Henderson

                                    Shona Crozer

                                    Gaynor MacKinnon


Re-election                   Stuart Little                Proposed: Anna Forrest

                                                                        Seconded: Margaret Thom

New Director                Ian Frame                   Proposed: Gaynor MacKinnon

                                                                        Seconded: Joyce McNae



Examiners                     Jim Gibson                  Proposed: Sam Gordon

                                                                        Seconded: Isabel Haddow

                                    Gillian McGugan         Proposed: Joyce McNae

                                                                        Seconded: Petrina Cairns

The Club extends its thanks to the accounts examiners.

Mr Gibson explained that now the Club is a charity the accounts will need to be submitted to OSKR in a format compliant with their expectations. Their deadline is 31st December 2012. Mr Gibson and Mrs Thom will work on this over the summer and will make the report available to members of the club.



Ordinary Minutes from March and April 2010 were missing from the Website. These have been added.

A proposal was raised to donate to the Riverman Appeal to raise money for the Humane Society. This was unanimously agreed by those present and a sum of £50 was decided.

Mr Blair answered queries regarding access to the Trades House Library. He stated that office hours access is not a problem for Club members but to telephone ahead to make sure the room is not already in use. Mr Gibson pointed out that the telephone number is printed on the membership card.

Mr Gordon advised members that Mr Bob Dunlop (former Honorary Librarian and Past President) would celebrate 50 years as a member of the Club and that it would be appropriate to recognise his valuable contribution. Club members agreed that £50 could be spent on gifts.


Silver Salver

After much discussion the Director’s decided not to sell the silver salver. Mr Brian Henderson has agreed to be custodian of the salver. Mr Henderson added that he felt the salver had too much history with the Club and that it would be kept in safe hands. Mr Henderson would sort out insurance.

Mr Kerr asked if the salver could be brought to a meeting for members to see. This could be arranged for a future Members Night.


Mrs Forrest thanked Mr Blair for his service as Honorary Librarian of the Trades House and custodian of the Old Glasgow Club Library. Mr Blair replied that he hoped the Trades House Library has proved a safe resting place for the collection after its many moves around various buildings. It has been housed in the City Halls, Stirling Library, Miller St, Past President Mr Robb’s house and now in the Trades House. Storage has always been an issue for the collection.

Mr Blair added that he has sourced a magic Lantern which pre-dates the clubs lantern but which might work. He will pass this on to Mr McNae.

Mr Henderson will be hosting a walk around Kinning Park/Plantation on the 15th September 2012 as part of the Doors Open Days weekend. Please keep an eye out for the programmes which should be available in August. He has some photographs on display at the front of the chamber.

Mrs Sannachan thanked Mrs Forrest for bringing the duplicate transactions to the meeting.


Summer / social events

Available on the agenda.



President Alison Sannachan wished members a good summer and hoped to see everyone at the various summer events and at the first club meeting of the new session on 13th September.

She wished all a safe journey home.


P. Cairns

Acting Recording Secretary.