Annual General Meeting of the Old Glasgow Club

Held in the Council Chamber of Glasgow City Chambers

on Thursday 9th May 2013 at 7.00pm




President Sannachan welcomed all members to the 2013 AGM, gave instructions on how to operate the microphones

should you wish to ask a questions and conducted a fire safety announcement. All members were requested to switch

mobile phones off or silence them.


There were apologies from Jane Collie, Maida Gibson, Bill Crawford, Stuart Little, Jim O'Kane, Margaret McCormack,

Marion McGuigan, John McKnight, Maureen McRobb, Sallie Marshall, John Park.


The minutes of the 2012 were circulated and approved by Murray Blair, seconded by Bill Duff. There were no


Presidents Report

President Sannachan stated how honoured she had been, and, when looking at the list of past Presidents, how

humbled she was to have been in such illustrious company.

President Sannachan reflected that the 2012-2013 session had been another good year for the Old Glasgow Club and

thanked the Directors who have put in a lot of effort over the year.

Secretary's Report

Mrs McNae's report is attached to this minute.

Membership Secretary's Report

Mr Gordon reported that the Club has 13 Life Members and 141 Ordinary Members.

Treasurer's Report

Mrs Thom circulated the Club accounts for the year ended 31 March 2013 to the meeting.

The accounts were found to be in good order and had been examined by Jim Gibson and Gillian McGugan.

The adoption of the report was proposed by Ian Frame and seconded by Anna Forrest.

Librarians Report

Mrs Forrest circulated a 2013-14 updated report on the contents of the Clubs Library and Archive. This contains

information on the contents of the archive boxes, transactions, lantern slides and book collections that belong to the


Election of Office Bearers

President Ms Alison Sannachan was delighted to propose Ms Petrina Cairns as President; this was seconded by

Mr Sam Gordon. Ms Sannachan invested Ms Cairns with her chain of office.

President Cairns introduced herself and thanked Ms Sannachan for proposing her, stating that Ms Sannachan would be

a hard act to follow since she was the second most popular Glaswegian to stand down this week (Sir Alex Ferguson,

manager of Manchester United Football Club).

President Cairns was proud and excited to take up the position of President, especially with the upcoming

Commonwealth Games and to borrow a phrase from City of Culture, "There's A Lot Glasgowing On."

President Cairns thanked all the Directors for their continuing hard work and proceeded to conduct the election of the

other office bearers.

Vice President

Sallie Marshall

Proposed: Petrina Cairns

Seconded: Margaret Thom

Hon. Secretary

Joyce McNae

Proposed: Margaret Thom

Seconded: Alison Sannachan

Hon. Treasurer

Margaret Thom

Proposed: Sharon Macys

Seconded: Joyce McNae


Anna Forrest

Proposed: Gaynor MacKinnon

Seconded: Shona Crozer

Membership Secretary

Sam Gordon

Proposed: Alison Sannachan

Seconded: Rosemary Sannachan

Recording Secretary

Shona Crozer

Proposed: Joyce McNae

Seconded: Brian Henderson



Stuart Little

Proposed: Gaynor MacKinnon

Seconded: Anna Forrest

Gaynor MacKinnon

Proposed: Ian Frame

Seconded: Sam Gordon

Ian Frame

Proposed: Gaynor MacKinnon

Seconded: Sam Gordon


Isabel Haddow

Proposed: Alison Sannachan

Seconded: Ian Frame

New Director

Linda Muir

Proposed: Anna Forrest

Seconded: Sam Gordon


Jim Gibson

Proposed: Joyce McNae

Seconded: Sam Gordon

Gillian McGugan

Proposed: Alison Sannachan

Seconded: Ian Frame

President Cairns extended the Clubs thanks to the accounts examiners, especially bearing in mind that the books are

slightly different this year with the Club now being a registered charity.


Mr Brian D Henderson stated that there was mention made in the minutes regarding the silver salver which he has now

taken custody of. Mr Henderson shared some of the origin and history of the silver salver.

From "The Origin and History of the Old Glasgow Club 1900-35" by Agnes McLaren Lockhart.

"On 12th May 1925, Mr Robert Robb, who had completed 23 years service as the Club's honorary Treasurer, was

presented by President John Ord, on behalf of the members of the Club, with a silver salver, suitably inscribed, in

recognition of his services to the Club. Mr Robb was elected Treasurer in 1902 and is our present Treasurer.

Unfortunately, he has been laid aside through illness for the last few years, and his son, Mr James Robb, acts as

treasurer for his father."

The above was also referred to by Mrs McLaren Lockhart, in a lecture which she presented to the members on 10th

January 1935.

Mr Robert Robb is recorded as honorary treasurer as late as 1935-36, with Mr James Robb in 1937-38; and this gent

remained in post, to the best of my knowledge, certainly into the early 1950s.

The reverse of the Salver bears the following inscription:

"This Salver was returned to Old Glasgow Club, by, Mrs Stuart, a descendant on Mr Robb in 1974. The Directors of Old

Glasgow Club have decided that it should be used as a, CHALLENGE TROPHY, to be competed for at Members Night

Papers each year."

The first winners name was inscribed on 11th September 1975 and the final inscription on 10th January 1986.

Mr Henderson stated that he is unclear whether this occasion marked the final presentation of the Salver.

President Cairns thanked Brian Henderson for taking custody of the Silver Salver, which she was sure was in safe

hands. She also thanked Murray Blair for the continuing safe keeping of books at Trades House.

Murray Blair stated that he had two points for Anna Forrest on the difficulty of storing the 135 plus books that were in the

Clubs possession and not stored at Trades House. Mr Blair asked what has to become of them ? He enquired if Mrs

Forrest had a safe home secured for them or did the Club plan on giving them to Trades House where he was willing to

find a home for them.

Mrs Forrest replied that there are five boxes of books and two tin trunks of transactions that the Directors are currently in

discussion over and thanked Mr Blair for his kind offer.

Mr Blair also stated that he wasn't aware that he had to get in touch regarding the magic lantern that he had sourced last

year and that he had misread the minutes. Mr Blair said that he would take the time to get in touch with Mr McNae and

arrange for him to pickup the lantern.

President Cairns replied that the magic lanterns required further discussion as the machines themselves are, at present

a health and safety issue.

Summer / Social Events

23rd May - Tappit Hen Bowling Tournament - Kelvingrove Bowling Green with a buffet in Islay Bar, Argyle Street 8.50

1st June - J.A.S Memorial Walk which this year past Club President, Mr Brian D Henderson is taking around Kinning

Park area. The walk should take approximately one and a half hours. Meeting at 11am.

Mr Henderson takes this opportunity to thank fellow Director, Mr Ian Frame for taking the time to copy fifty handouts for

the walk.

8th June - Inveraray Town and Castle bus trip - Mrs Thom still taking money for trip.

18/19th June the Club will have a Stall at the Southside Festival, Queens Park.


President Petrina Cairns wished members a good summer and hoped to see everyone come back tanned and refreshed

for the new session on September 12th. She wished all a safe journey home.

Shona Crozer

Acting Recording Secretary