Minutes of Members Night of Old Glasgow Club

Held at Adelaide’s, 209 Bath Street, Glasgow

On Thursday 14th February 2013 at 7.30pm






Ms Sannachan (President)


Ms Sannachan welcomed everyone to Members Night 2013. The theme, in honour of it being Valentines Day, is love. We are having a quiz which will be handed out to you, a short presentation on a Glasgow love story and then a sing song. Ms Sannachan explained the housekeeping rules, fire drill procedures and requested all mobile phones to be on silent or off. Ms Sannachan explained that everyone should be wearing a famous person name sticker that was one half of a famous couple.She asked if everyone had found their other half and said, “I’ve been waiting all my life and it doesn’t happen by just sitting there.It may be the chance you are waiting on.  If you haven’t already found your partner then please take two minutes, treat it likespeed dating and get up and find your partners.  



Brian Henderson. Ian Frame.


The Minutes of the last ordinary meeting, held on Thursday 10th January were approved, proposed by Ms Petrina Cairns and seconded by Mrs Margaret Thom. There were no amendments or matters arising.


President’s Report

Ms Sannachan said that the decision to drop the competition proposals for the £15 million plan to redevelop George Square had been the best news of the year. Ms Sannachan said that she would keep us updated on any new developments. Ms Sannachan also reported that the Sighthill Stone Circle has been saved from being dismantled. www.sighthillstonecircle.net


Ms Sannachan also requested that members take information leaflets on Old Glasgow Club to distribute to anyone interested.


Secretary’s Report

Mrs McNae welcomed everyone and said that there were lots of dates for our diaries.


Thursday 23rd May – Tappit Hen Bowling Tournament @ Kelvingrove Bowling Green

Saturday 1st June – J.A.S. Wilson Memorial Walk – this year around Kinning Park Area and led by Mr Brian Henderson (past President)

Saturday 8th June – Annual club bus outing – this year to Inveraray


AyeWrite Festival – tickets for the AyeWrite book festival are on sale now. This year’s festival takes place at the Mitchell Library from12-20 April 2013. The programme, festival information and booking of tickets can be done at www.ayewrite.com New Bridgeton Library - The new Bridgeton Library, which is housed in the newly refurbished Olympia building at  Bridgeton Cross opens it doors on Friday 22nd February. It also houses the first ever British Film Institute Mediatheque in Scotland. Further information for the library can be found on www.glasgowlife.org.uk/libraries . Further information for The Mediatheque at Bridgeton Library can be found on www.bfi.org.uk. Kelvingrove Art Gallery – More Than a Game (How Scotland shaped world football) opens on March 27th and runs until August 18th. Tickets are on sale now.  www.glasgowlife.org.uk/museums. Kelvingrove Art Gallery have also launched a new iPhone App Guide which is a guided tour of Kelvingrove’s most famous painting, Salvador Dali’s Christ of St John of the Cross, as well as an insight into Kelvingrove’s collections of European Art, Egyptology,  Natural History and Scottish Art. The full-length tour takes around 2 hours.

The Hunterian – Hagar and the Angel, a celebration of the Hunterian’s holding of the 18th century Scottish artists, John and Alexander Runciman. This exhibition runs until 25th August 2013.

The Antonine Wall : Rome’s Final Frontier is the new permanent gallery that showcases sculpture and other Roman artefacts  recovered from  the Antonine Wall. More information on www.gla.ac.uk/hunterian.


The Govan Stones – Remember that for the next three years that you can visit Govan Old Parish Church to explore the collection for free. More information on www.govanstones.org.uk.


South Glasgow Heritage & Enviroment Trust (SGHET) – Music, Mirth and Magic, a nostalgic look at the cultural life of Glasgow. Talks include, Pantomime tradition at the Royal Princess Theatre by Dr Paul Maloney, University of Glasgow. The Black Minstrelsy by Dr Eric Graham, Fellow of Edinburgh University. Memories of the Glasgow Apollo by Kenny Forbes, University of Glasgow. From








Temperance to Happy Hours by Alex Meikie. Scotland’s Magic Legacy by Alex Proctor. Fifty Years of Going to the Pictures 1950-2000 by John Black.

Taking place at the Premier Inn, Ballater St, Glasgow on Saturday 23rd March form 10.30am until 4pm. Tickets cost £10 and can be Purchased from 01416370778 / email manager@tramdirect.com or www.sghet.org



Ms Sannachan introduced our club secretary, Joyce McNae and her husband, Gavin McNae  who will give a talk on an infamous Glasgow love story…



Good people of the Old Glasgow Club on this night of the year, auspicious for its connection with the great loves of the world, I wonder if you recognise me?

Or should I say I wonder if you recognise my unquiet soul which rises to greet you from the burial ground of Ramshorn Kirk. I am Pierre Emile L’Angelier – you will know me as the lover of Madeleine Smith….


From this beginning Joyce and Gavin explored the letters that flowed between Madeleine and Emile up to and beyond Emile’s death.


Vote of thanks

Ms Sannachan  thanked Joyce and Gavin McNae for all their hard work and for giving us a great slant on a Glasgow Love Story. Judging by the applause, the talk was enjoyed by everyone.


Members had been writing down their favourite – or newly composed Valentine’s rhymes and the bravest allowed them to be read out. Classic among them was that very Glaswegian take on the old favourite;- Roses are red, Violets are blue, I’ve got a knife, Get in the van!



Ms Sannachan read out the answers to the multiple choice Love Song Quiz. Members were asked to mark their partners answers. The quiz was marked and there were quite a number of perfect 10 scores. Ms Sannachan said that their great musical knowledge had caught the Directors on the hop and that she would ask a tie break question.  The question was, who first sang Glad Rag Doll? The answer was, Johnny Ray. Unfortunately none of the perfect 10 scorers got it correct so it was decided that they would all receive a small prize at the next Meeting.


Sing Song

Ms Sannachan introduced Mr Hugh Reid, who, dressed in dinner suit played love songs on the piano which the members joined in with. Mr Reid played well known love songs such as ‘If You Were The Only Girl In The World’, ‘Ma, He’s Makin Eyes At Me’, ‘Let Me Call You Sweetheart’ and ‘Tea For Two’. Some old songs and some newer.


Any Other Club Business

Ms Sannachan asked everyone if they remembered that a member had asked last month if anybody had remembered seeing a Wellington Bomber plane being displayed in a park a number of years ago. Liz Smith, one of our members very kindly did a lot a research and found that, indeed a plane had been on display in George Square as part of ‘Wings for Victory’ week. The bomber on display was actually a Lancaster bomber and called ‘P for Peter’.

Ms Sannachan said that if anyone wanted more information that a copy of the newspaper article and photograph were on the Club notice board. Ms Sannachan thanked Liz Smith for her very much appreciated research.



Ms Sannachan, thanked everyone for coming along, participating and making it such an enjoyable evening. She reminded everyone that next months talk was ‘West End Delusions of Grandeur” by Professor Michael Moss.


Next Directors Meeting  - Thursday 7th March

Next Ordinary Meeting  -  Thursday 14th March


Ms Sannachan wished all a safe journey home.



                                                               Shona Crozer