Old Glasgow Club

Minutes of an Ordinary Meeting of the Old Glasgow Club

Held at Adelaides, 209 Bath Street

On Thursday 11th September 2014 at 7.30pm






Ms Petrina Cairns



Ms Cairns welcomed everyone back to the 2014/15 session. She said hello to all new members and guests and introduced Anne White as a new Director.

After the Housekeeping drill and a reminder of Adelaides telephone number, the 2014/15 session was underway.



Shona Crozer, Isabel Haddow, Margaret McCormack, Liz Smith, Maureen McRobb, Jim O’ Kane and Grace McKAy.



The minutes of the last ordinary meeting, held on Thursday 10th April were approved, proposed by Joan White and seconded by Stuart Little.


Matters Arising:

Ms Cairns advised all that a visit to Inchinnan Parish Church and Old All Hallows greveyard would unfortunately not be possible in the autumn months but that she hopes to organise an alternative


President's Report

Ms Cairns noted that it had been a long, eventful and busy summer and she hoped that everyone had had a great time. There was plenty to keep everyone amused- sporting events and otherwise.

She commented that “didn’t Glasgow do well”. Hearing compliments and praise first hand at the airport from travellers visiting over the summer she felt that Glasgow had done us all proud and given the forthcoming Referendum vote the events aren’t over yet!


Ms Cairns then recapped some of the Club’s recent events



This year the meeting was moved from the Debating chamber to the Satinwood Suite- a nice change of scene and it gave us the opportunity to see more of the building. Thanks to Linda Muir for organising an unexpected tour around the Banqueting Hall too.


Tappit Hen

Unfortunately the Tappit Hen was cancelled since there were only 6 attendees. The Club’s directors are looking to reschedule it for sometime next year. It is the 80th anniversary of the tournament next year which would be a shame not to mark in some way.


J. A. S. Wilson Memorial walk

This year’s walk around the East End/Calton area was well attended (31 walkers). Thanks to Peter Mortimer and Anna Forrest for their expert guiding. The route was fascinating and tied in very nicely with our glass slides presentation. The weather was lovely and we finished off at the Calton Heritage Centre which had a photo exhibition on which we were allowed in to see.



Another great day weather-wise and a very interesting venue with plenty of Scottish artefacts to look at. We were in very good company too since Sally Magnussen was spotted in the grounds.

Thanks to the Green Tree Hotel and Shona for organising a lovely high tea.




Now up to 74 likes. Ms Cairns added that she is still trying to update it every day- either with interesting news stories or if she has time she writes articles herself. If anyone spots something they think would be of interest to the Club please let her know.

One of the articles she has written on the Glasgow Fair received a bit of attention from the History Scotland magazine and STV Glasgow. Both might be interested in articles on the history of the Club and in the Peter Fyfe collection of slides.


Syllabus leaflets are available at the merchandise stall and we would be grateful if anyone would like to take some to disperse. Ms Cairns hopes that everyone enjoys the Speakers schedule- there seems to be a transport theme this year. Ms Cairns also added that she is very much looking forward to Kenny Forbes rescheduled Glasgow Apollo talk.


Secretary's Report -

Ms Cairns introduced Mr Brian Henderson to gave a brief outline of a walk he would be taking around Plantation at 11a.m. on September 20th for Doors Open Day.




Ms Cairns introduced our very own Stuart Little to speak on “Shuggle down Below”- a brief history of Glasgow Trams.


Sadly it has been 52 years since the last tram was spotted in Glasgow (not counting the 5 of use during the Glasgow Garden Festival in 1988). Mr Little took us on a journey from the first “horse buses” through to the last evening on 4th September 1962 when 250,000 Glaswegians turned out to watch the last tram en route from Dalmarnock Rd to Copelaw Hill.

From horse drawn to electric, single deckers to double WITH roofs for the inclement Glasgow weather Mr Little brought back a lot of happy memories as well as many an interesting fact.

The trams provided an interesting snapshot of the social history of the City such as routes being colour coded to cope with illiteracy and this system being abandoned during the war due to the blackout. Also many of the young boys who worked on the trams enlisted in the Pals Battalions of World War I which meant that female drivers were let loose on the roads. Sadly many of these young lads never returned meaning that the Trams employed a higher percentage of women at a time when this was unusual.


Mr Little was happy to answer questions afterwards


Q. Did trams run out to Kilbarchan?

A. Yes you could get a tram to Paisley then another to Kilbarchan. The longest route was Milngavie to Renfrew Ferry which was a 22 miles long route.


Q. How safe were they?

A. They had cow catchers to prevent anyone falling under the wheels but accidents still happened.


Q. Was it Sir James Bain who brought trams to Glasgow?

A. Possibly, although Lachlan Mackinnon and Eric Firzpayne are associated with their successful implementation.


Q. Where was Carbide used?

A. It was used in the lights.


Q. How fewquent were the timetables?

A. Very- Some lines were every 1.5 minutes depending on the route and time of day. They  started at 4 in the morning and ran until 11 at night.


Q. Was there a tram garage at Bridgeton?

A. Yes, now the Glasgow Vintage Vehicle Trust, which is well worth a visit. They provide the vintage buses for Doors Open Day. Now Parkhead could soon be the only bus garage left since Larkfield is rumoured to close in November.



Vote of thanks

Mrs Sallie Marshall  thanked Mr Little for his nostalgic and enjoyable talk.



Q - identify the area in the Church

A -  the Quire

Won by Ruaridh Clark


Any Other Business –

Next month we should have Glasgow Calendars and poppy badges for sale on the Merchandise stall.

Doors Open Day guidebooks are available.

In the new syllabus leaflet, Mr Keith Beards lecture should read March 12th.

A reminder that the Antiques Roadshow will be at Kelvingrove Gallery on Oct 9th.



Next Directors Meeting - Thursday 2rd October

Next Ordinary Meeting - Thursday 9th October


Ms Cairns wished all a safe journey home and reminded the members that next months speaker would be Paul Sweeney  entitled “Springburn: the Rome of the North”



                                                                                                                                                 Petrina Cairns/Joyce McNae

                                                                                                                                                 Acting Recording Secretaries