Old Glasgow Club


Minutes of ordinary meeting of Club held at Adelaide’s, 209 Bath Street on Thursday 10th January 2008 at 7.30pm. Members Night.






Mrs Forrest (for President).



Mrs Forrest welcomed members to the meeting.



Jim Gibson



The minutes of the last ordinary meeting held on 13th December were circulated. There were no matters arising.


President’s report

Mrs Forrest informed the club that tonight a celebration of the centenary of the admittance of women as members of the Old Glasgow Club would take place. This would comprise a re-enactment of the debate, voting and eventual admittance of 3 ladies in January 1908 and would be followed by a hot supper, quiz, competition and musical entertainment.



A dramatised re-enactment of the history of the admittance of ladies to the Old Glasgow Club was penned by Mrs Forrest and various Past Presidents, Directors, Members and Friends to the Club took part in the drama.

The “Old Glasgow Club Wanted” advert from The Evening Citizen 2 July 1900 and The Glasgow Herald 3 July 1900 placed by William Liddell was read out and a short history of the club was narrated before the scene moved forward several years to an Extraordinary Meeting of the Old Glasgow Club, held on the 10 January 1908.


The committee comprises;

Hon President and Lord Provost of the Town- Mr Bob Dunlop

President – Mr. George Taylor played by Mr Brian Henderson

The Chairman of this Meeting- Chief Supt. John Ord played by Mr Davey Legge

Vice President – Mr. James Chrystal played by Glen Collie

Secretary – Mr. Stuart Girvan played by Mr Murray Blair

Treasurer –  Mr. Robert Robb played by Mr Kenny Forrest

Serving Member - Mr. John Brown played by Mr Sam Gordon

Founder – William Liddell played by Mr Bill Duff.

Mr Ord raises the issue of the Admittance of Ladies as Full Members of the Old Glasgow Club and a debate ensues. A Black ball machine (kindly loaned to the club by the Royal College of Physicians) was used to vote in the ladies favour.

Waiting in the wings are the first 3 ladies admitted:

Miss Dreda Boyd - writer and academic, introduced by her uncle, Sir John Stirling-Maxwell (played by Mrs Joy Blair)

Mrs. Helen Girvan - introduced by Mr Stuart Girvan, Batchelor of Law (played by Miss Petrina Cairns)

Mrs Mason - introduced by her husband, Lord Dean of Guild Mason (played by Miss Isabel Hood)

The drama finished with a rendition of “The Passing Years” and a toast to the King


A supper was served during which Mr Hugh Reid played a selection of tunes on the piano.

Members were invited to guess the number of shillings in a clootie dumpling as well as participate in a quiz to identify notable Glasgow women.

Many members had made a great effort to dress in an Edwardian style and prizes were awarded for the best hat and best costume.

To round off the evening Ms Frances Newman and Mr Campbell Kerr sang a selection of music hall style songs, accompanied by Mr Reid on the piano. Members were encouraged to sing along.


Vote of thanks

Mrs McNae pointed out that 100 years on we have had several Lady Secretary’s and President’s all of whom have played an important role in the continuing success of the club.

Mrs McNae thanked all our members and guests for coming and making it such a memorable night. In particular: Hugh Reid, Frances Newman and Campbell Kerr for their musical contribution; Davie Legge, Isobel Hood and Glen Collie for their theatrical assistance; Kenny Forrest for his narration and help with the production; Gavin McNae for his technical support; Past Presidents Joy and Murray Blair, Bob Dunlop, Bill Duff and Brian Henderson for being such good sports; everyone who helped with the supper and refreshments; The Royal College of Physicians for lending us the Black Ball machine; Sandy and the staff at Adelaides; and Anna Forrest for writing the script.



Mrs Forrest and Mrs McNae wished all a safe journey home.


P. Cairns