Library and Archives




In the main, the Library and Papers of the Old Glasgow Club are in the Trades House of Glasgow, Glassford St.  G1 1UH, and accessible to Members of the Club.


Archive Boxes

These contain a series of papers, booklets, membership records, property books, scrapbooks and ephemera pertaining to the Old Glasgow Club.


1.                   Trades House Library:  Old Glasgow Club Collection.  Robert P. Dunlop

Loose papers in envelope

2.                   Notice:  Next Monthly Meeting of the Old Glasgow Club, Athenaeum, Monday 17 April 1905.  Chair:  Mr. William Liddell, Speakers:  Mr. Thomas Lugton, Mr. George Taylor.  Membership Proposal List

3.                   Folder of Notices:  Notices and Programmes from 1905-, various papers

4.                   Old Glasgow Club’s 100-Year Milestones, by Liz and Graham Smith  1999

5.                   Red Folder:  Trades House Library, shelf stock from 1860 –

6.                   Document:  Places Named in Charters and Other Documents Relating to the City of Glasgow 1175-1707 and Extracts from the Burgh of Glasgow 1573-1759, Index and Abstract.  Olivia D. Scott, Glasgow Libraries Dept. 1983 Printed on loose pages, corded together

7.                   Programmes (Meetings) held in the Old Tontine Building, (Old Council Hall)  22 Trongate  24 Oct 1905  Hon President Sir John Ure Primrose, Lord Provost, includes “The Tolbooth Pictures” and the song “The Old Glasgow Club”

8.                   Old Property Book No. 1  (Bound)  Manuscript First Entries 1905 –

9.                   Old Property Book No. 2     (Blue Folder) 1981, begins Entry 1009.  [Prop. Cat. No. 1244]  Bob Dunlop, Librarian 1981

10.               Archive Book No. 1 (Dk Blue Folder): features archives of various miscellaneous articles. [Prop. Cat. No. 1872]  BD  includes “Memorial anent Proposed removal of the St. Enoch Church Steeple”  1906?  OGC Headquarters – The Peoples’s Palace 1906.  Plan/drawing of the President’s Chain of Office [nd]

11.               Archive Book No. 2 (Dk Blue Folder): features Lists of various transactions, donations and Librarian’s reports.  [Prop. Cat. No. 1366]  BD

12.               Archive Book No. 3 (Dk Blue Folder):  book of notes from various talks  Sessions 1972-1984   BD

13.               OGC Committee Minute Book 1  (Bound)  1958/59 – 1963/64  [Prop. Cat. No. 1102]  Fergus Jardine


© Anna Forrest  May 2015


14.               OGC Committee Minute Book  2  (Loose Bound)  Dir. Meetings/Ordinary Meetings, short notes.  May 1947-1999.

15.               OGC Committee Book 5.  May 1987 – Dec 2000.  [Prop.Cat. No. 1500

16.               OGC Cash Book.  May 1929- Oct 1966  [Prop. Cat. No. 1499]

17.               Book of Attendance.  Jan 1982-May 2003

18.               OGC Synopsis of Talks (Folder)  1982-1988  BD

19.               Black Bound Book featuring various correspondence/programmes/ invitations/newsletters/postcards  from 1905 -   [Prop. Cat. No.1869]  BD

20.               Bound Book featuring various correspondence (early)/statements/ cigarette packets etc.  [no prov.]

21.               Old Glasgow Club Correspondence (Manila Env)  Session 1965-66 (incl. letter to Corporation of Glasgow on the retention of the Toll House, Pollokshaws)

22.               Old Glasgow Club Correspondence (Manila Env)  Session 1966-67

23.               OGC Correspondence (Manila Env.)  Session 1969-70

24.               OGC Cuttings Book.  1961 – 1975   BD

25.               Cuttings Folder.  Various newspaper clippings about Glasgow, incl. special feature on “Glasgow City of Culture 1990 Award”, feature on Glasgow International Airport

26.               Folder containing newspaper supplements:  incl Donald Dewar commemoration, celebration of 200 years of the Daily Record

27.               Mrs. Terry’s Folder:  collection of notes for talks, various dates

28.               Folder:  Evening Times Supplement “War at Home and Abroad” and “Changing Face of Glasgow”  Various dates

29.               Scrapbook No. 3:  Various newspaper clippings

30.               Scrapbook No. 4:  Various newspaper clippings

31.               Scrapbook No. 6:  Various newspaper clippings

32.               Scrapbook No. 7:  Various newspaper clippings

33.               Scrapbook No. 8:  Unused

34.               Scrapbook  (no number): featuring editions of “Times Past” supplements on the Story of Glasgow

35.               3 Scrapbooks featuring various newspaper clippings

36.               OGC Outings Scrapbook 1983-92   BD

37.               OGC Outings Scrapbook  1994-99  BD

38.               Folder of loose photographs

39.               Glasgow Buildings Guardian Committee – Agendas, Minutes and Papers 1990-1991

40.               Glasgow City Council.  Development and Regeneration Services – Conservation Area Appraisal Reports – Draft Versions 2003-2004 [Strathbungo, Scotsoun, St. Vincent Cres., Crosshill, Millbrae, Hazelwood, Parkhead Cross, Dennistoun, Snuff Mill, Carmunnock, Walmer Crescent]

41.               Glasgow City Council. Development and Regeneration Services – Glasgow Urban Design Panel – Agendas and Papers   2006-2007

42.               Centenary of the First World War, Service for the Commonwealth.  Glasgow Cathedral, Mon. 4 August 2014.  Publ. Glasgow City Council and HM Government.

(Recent addition donated from MembersNight, Feb. 2015 by speakers, Petrina Cairns and Peter Mortimer)  2 x Booklets and poppy.



·        2 large tin boxes/trunks containing above papers and Transactions.  Black, not in good condition and non-secured

·        Wood-framed Notice, glassed “Old Glasgow Prints.  Lent by the Old Glasgow Club”  [nd]  Poor condition, glass cracked

·        Cards:  “Old Glasgow Street Characters” Prompt cards, manuscript, well-used [nd] Approx 50 cards, poss. follow the notes of Mr. James Adair who gave an Address of the same title in 1930-31 Session, in Transactions.

·        OGC Bowling Club.  Bowling Competition  June 1989, Winner:  James Burns (Skip) – small coloured enamel shield on wood.

·        Invitation Cards:  Invitation Cards for the Centenary of the Old Glasgow Club, 4 Dec. 2000 7pm Civic Reception in the City Chambers, Lord Provost Alex Mosson.

·        Elitescope:  Episcope Model no. 91-3005  Elite Optics Ltd.  Appears to be a light projector.  (n.d., no provenance)

·        Magic Lantern


Apart from the tin boxes/trunks, Archive boxes have been used.   Loose papers have been placed in acid-free folders.  Where possible, I have given the Property Catalogue Number of the item, which would have been relevant to the Trades House Library.  (BD) is Bob Dunlop’s allocations.





Transactions:  (Unbound Copies)


Volume 1          No. 1 - 1903-1904 /  No.2 - 1904-1905 /  No.3 - 1905-1906 / No.4 - 1906-1907

                        No.5 - 1907-1908

Volume 2          No.1 - 1908-1909 / No.2 - 1909-1910 / No. 3 - 1910-1911 / No. 4 - 1911-1912

                        No. 5 - 1912-1913

Volume 3          No. 1 - 1913-1914 / No. 2/3 - 1914-1915/1916 (BD) / No. 4 - 1916-1917

                        No. 5 - 1917-1918

Volume 4          No. 1 - 1918-1919 / No.2 - 1919-1920 / No. 3/4 1920-1922 / No. 5 - 1922-1923

Volume 5          No.1 - 1923-1924 /  No.2 - 1924-1925 / No. 3 - 1925-1926 / No. 4 - 1926-1927

                        No. 5 - 1927-1928

Volume 6          No.1 - 1928-1929 / No.2 – Missing / No.3           Missing

                        No.4     1931-1932

                        No.5     1932-1933

Volume 7          No.1     1933-1934

                        No.2     1934-1935

                        No.3     1935-1936

Volume 7          No.4     1936-1937

                        No.5     1937-1938

New Series       1947-1952

75th Anniversary Souvenir Transaction  1975

Centenary Handbook 2000

* There is a General Index in Vol 6 No. 5 1932-1933 which gives the Lectures printed and delivered from 1900-1933, needs to be checked as all Lectures were not printed.



OLD GLASGOW CLUB                              Lantern Slides Collection: Adair


Provenance:  A collection of glass lantern slides with hand-written description cards stored, in the main, in a biscuit tin.  The collection appears to have been brought together by James Adair, Solicitor and Club Member from the 1920s.

Mr. Adair features in Club Transactions of 1930-31 as giving an address on “Old Glasgow and its Street Characters” and used lantern slides to illustrate his talks. The collection has been stored in various sites including the People’s Palace during periods when Club members were in curatorial roles.  Thanks to Club Librarian and former Hon. President,  Robert P. Dunlop for their safe keeping.  Thanks to Brian D. Henderson, Past President for this and other information on James Adair.


1.                   Glasgow Armorial Insignia (Coat of Arms)  [nd]

2.                   Slezar’s (sic) View of Glasgow from the east,,, showing the Cathedral, Bishop’s Castle, Old College, Molendinar, the Manse of Glasgow

3.                   Public Offices, Jail from the foot of Charlotte St., designed by William Stark in the form of a quadrangle with 2 courtyards.  Jail had res.74 “fire rooms”, 58 cells and two condemned cells made totally of iron, a Chapel and Infirmary, Governor’s House.  Opened 1814.                                                  

Drawn and Engraved by J. Swan 18128

4.                   As above…..Public Offices, Jail from the foot of Charlotte St. and view from the courtyard.

5.                   Town’s Hospital, Great Clyde St., north bank of the River Clyde.  Founded 1730, opened 1733 for the reception of the poor.  Building at rear added used as an Infirmary and later as a Lunatic Asylum.  Cost £1,897.65/-, end of first year there were 151 inmates, 61 old persons, 90 children.  1848 was still in use as a cholera hospital.  1851 became a warehouse and various.  Thomas Fairbairn colour print – slide in black and white.  1848/9

6.                   Hutchesontown Bridge with Nelson’s Monument and Arn’s Well in the foreground.  Foundation stone laid by Lord Provost in 1745.  Parapets were almost complete when it was destroyed by a flood.  A foot bridge was erected and used until 1829 when another foundation stone laid for

the bridge by Robt. Stevenston.  New iron bridge renamed Albert Bridge 1871.  Thomas Fairbairn 1849

7.                   View of Glasgow from Little Govan.  Sylvan setting a mile above Glasgow (Hutchesontown, Richmond Park), Kings Bridge, James St., Ballater St.   Drawn John Knox.  Engraved J. Swan 1828

8.                   Slide of St. Enochs Church and St. Enochs .Square  [no card, nd]

9.                   City and Council Buildings, Wilson St  [nd]

10.               Duplicate of above

11.               Trades Hall, Glassford St. from the north.  Foundation stone laid 1791, built to design of Robt. Adam (previously meetings held in Old Alms House, Kirkgait).  1809 a Free School instituted for 108 boys on the premises adjoining the Hall.  Drawn John Knox, Engraved J. Swan 1828.

12.               St. David’s Church, Ingram St 1824 -  from Cannon St (Cannon St now N. Albion St) Steeple beyond is Hutcheson’s Hospital, opposite far end of street is old Royal Bank, Queen St.  This is just at the time when Ingram St was widened. Drawn John Knox, Engraved J. Swan 1828

13.               City of Glasgow Bank….Last Meeting of Board of Directors  [no card, nd]

14.               Sketch of Glasgow, needs research.          [nd]

15.               City Plan of Glasgow, needs research  [nd]

16.               View of Glasgow from Windmill Croft  1760  Engraving J. Grainger

17.               Stockwell Bridge   [nd]

18.               Lobby or Buffet in House in Charlotte St.  [no card.  nd]

19.               Cathedral Choir  Drawing by J. Fleming, Engraving J. Swan  1828

20.               Fiddler’s Close, No 75 High St. west side, in the (18)40s,  Note thatched roof, wooden gables.  Foot of stairs under thatch note old cast iron well of Glasgow Water Co. 3ft high, operated by a key.  Close removed 1949,  from Simpson’s “Glasgow” drawn 1849, re-engraved 1898

21.               Close No 75 High St. 1868 from Annan’s Photographic Album for the City Improvement Trust.  Differs from Simpson’s view due to Post Office renumbering 1850’s see on right cast iron well of Cranstonhill Water Co.

22.               Possibly Bell Street off High Street [no card. nd]

23.               Old Building in the back of close at 15 Clyde St., Port Dundas [nd]

24.               Old Building in Back Court, note bent chimney [nd] 

25.               Feeing Market.  Event held annually at Sidney Square at eastern entry to Meat Market.  Originally feeing for farm workers for hire, now for all domestic staff.  [nd]

26.               Southside Park (Queens Park) Glasgow – looking north along  Victoria Road from the top of steps, south of old bandstand.  Note house under construction on Queens Drive.  G.W. Wilson

27.               Southside Park (Queens Park) Glasgow – looking east over Queens Crescent and Queens Drive. Big Rutherglen smokestack on right, horsevan may have been photographer’s mobile darkroom

28.               Glasgow International Exhibition 1888 exhibition in Kelvingrove Park, Stewart Fountain, John S. Kennedy Monument (Lion).  Pavilion stretches over site of Art Gallery

29.               Granny Robertson’s Cottage, Old Cathcart   [nd]

30.               Clyde, Central Glasgow.  Photo Surrey Flying Service  [nd]

31.               Sedan Chair.  Private or Hired   Illus.  [nd]

32.               Glasgow – Stirling Coach or 4 in Hand, called “Perserverance”  [nd]

33.               The Dandy Horse with its Rider wearing his best Walking-Out Outfit .  1815

34.               Glasgow Garnkirk Railway  opened 1831

35.               Glasgow to Paisley Steam Carriage  1834

36.               Daimler on his first car….a wooden bike with a motor attached to it.  [nd]

37.               Belvidere:  Slide shows a coach or cab sitting at the gates of Belvidere House, now Hospital, London Road, Parkhead  [nd]

38.               Rival Preachers (1)   [nd]

39.               Rival Preachers (2)   [nd]

40.               Deid/Dead or Skellett Bell

41.               Dougal Graham  (1)           [nd]

42.               Dougal Graham  (2)          [nd]

43.               Bell Geordie                     [nd]

44.               Heather Jock                   [nd]

45.               Willie White                     [nd]

46.               Hirstlin’ Kate                   [nd]

47.               Wee Alick Knight [nd]

48.               Wee Jamie Wallace          [nd]

49.               The Clincher  (1)  [nd]

50.               The Clincher  (2)  [nd]

51.               Wee Macgregor   [nd]

52.               Rev. Donald Fraser          [nd]

53.               Dr. Chalmers                   [nd]

54.               Unknown.  Gentleman in Divinity robes, Regent’s chair, Glasgow University   [no card.  nd]

55.               Branks (mask)   [drawing   nd]


Lantern still stored by the Club.  Glass Lantern slides digitised and stored in Archives.

*nd.- no date



OLD GLAGOW CLUB                                              Lantern Slides Collection:  Calton

“Calton Lantern”  Lantern Slides of Old Calton

A Tour in The Calton, by Peter Fyfe

Read to the Old Glasgow Club, 15th February 1917

Provenance:  Slides were probably used to illustrate a lecture given as above, by Peter Fyfe, Sanitary Inspector, Glasgow Corporation Special Committee on Housing.

The Lecture is published in the Transactions of the Old Glasgow Club, Vol.3 Part 4 1916-17 p. 267.  Slides are in approximate numerical order, with note cards, within a wooden slide drawer, annotated “James Lander, Mosspark 1975 Prop. Cat. No. 1211”

Small card, rear of wooden box, “Purchased by OGC from widow of late Member Wm. Thomson.  13th May 1936.  £15.00 (Cat. No. 347)

Peter Fyfe’s narrative is of its time and the note cards depict some of his couthy wit and sharp observation regarding his fellow citizens from the fairly enlightened times of his tenure.


C.1       Title

C.2       Plan of Route “A Tour in The Calton”

C.3       Comic Cartoon “What a City Sanitary Inspector Sees”

C.4       View of Glasgow from the South West 1760

C.5       Glasgow from the South East:  Slezer 1693

C.6       Calton Burgh Medal  30 August 1817

C.7       Glasgow Cross, South East Corner.  North West corner of Ward of Calton

C.8       The “Family Home” St. Andrews Street, North side

C.9       St. Andrew’s Church 1756

C.10     St. Andrew’s Church 1756 Interior, Great East window

C.11     Quarrier’s City Orphans’ Home 1870 (earlier known as “Home for Destitute Children”

C.12     St. Andrew’s Square, North East corner

C.13     Tent Hall, Steel Street 1879

C.14     Old Episcopal Church of St. Andrew-by-The-Green 1750

C.15     Clothes Market, Greendyke Street

C.16     Highland Light Infantry Ceremony at George Square 1915

C.17     Headquarters of (9th Battalion) of the Glasgow HLI

C.18     Old Clothes Market No. 2

C.19     Old Clothes Market

C.20     London Street  (to become London Road)

C.21     Saracen’s Head Inn

C.22     Charlotte Lane or “Balaams Pass”

C.23     David Dale, Charlotte St.

C.24     Athenaeum Arch or McLennan Arch, entrance to drive through Glasgow Green

C.25     “Burnt Barns” Tavern, oldest pub in Glasgow 1679

C.26     No. 34 Kent Street, corner of Suffolk Street

C.27     Edward Irving

C.28     Old Houses, Calton Entry

C.29     The Feeing Market

C.30     Dr. Thomas Chalmers

C.31     St. John’s Church Tower, Bell St – from Bain Sq.

C.32     St. Lukes Church (Parish)  Bain Sq.

C.33     “Old Bob” Childrens’ Playground Attendant, Bain Square

C.34     King Street, Calton, known as “Beggars Row”

C.35     Glasgow Corporation Balcony Blocks, Gallowgate and Bain Square 1892

C.36     Glasgow Corporation Balcony Blocks, Bain Square 1892

C.37     Glasgow Medical Mission and Society, Moncur Street

C.38     Corporation “Farmed-Out Houses”

C.39     Calton Cross, North West corner

C.40     Back of No.1 Well Street, Calton

C.41     Mr. Agnew’s Chocolate Factory, Well Street, Calton

C.42     Mr. Agnew’s Chocolate Factory.  Girls wrapping each chocolate

C.43     Mr. Agnew’s Chocolate Factory.  Girls packing individual boxes

C.44     Calton UF Church, Kirk Street   ?????

C.45     No. 4 Massie Street at Kirk Street, Calton

C.46     No. 16 Kirk Street, old Back Court buildings, leading to Moncur Street

C.47     Barrows.  Kerbside stalls Moncur Street

C.48     Barrows.  North of Moncur Street, south of King Street.  General view

C.49     Barrows.  Covered accommodation facing Moncur Street at Calton Lane

C.50     Barrows.  Lino selling by Dutch Auction

C.51     Barrows.  Cycle tyres and other things on barrow.  Claythorn Street to left

C.52     Barrows.  Braces stall, looking north west, Claythorn Street extreme left

C.53     Barrows.  Braces suspended, golf clubs, walking sticks, cases.  Back view Green Street

C.54     Barrows.  Lady stallholder with a feather in her cap

C.55     Barrows.  Old clothes hanging on fence

C.56     Barrows.  Kettle barrow with clocks on wall

C.57     Barrows.  Kettle barrow, another view

C.58     Barrows.  Clothes stall, selection of dresses hung on fence

C.59     Barrows.  Old clothes stall, woman with parasol

C.60     Barrows.  Plant barrow

C.61     Barrows.  Covered accommodation, junction of Moncur Street and Kent Street

C.62     Barrows.  Mr. McDonald, Bookseller

C.63     Barrows.  The Artist

C.64     Green Street, Day Industrial School

C.65     Old Houses, Calton Entry

C.66     Fishwife in Tobago Street

C.67     Tobago Street, west side

C.68     Calton Parish Church, Chapel-of-Ease to the Barony Church, Tobago Street,

            east side.   ???   WD & HO Wills Factory right side

C.69     Barrows.  Stall with a flat iron and other items near a fence made of railway sleepers

C.70     Mr. and Mrs. McLaughlin.  Last of the hand-loom weavers in Struthers Street

C.71     Betsy McLaughlin at her loom, 34 Struthers Street

C.72     No.144 Bell Street, Calton.  Backlands row of old houses

C.73     Stevenson Street.  Backlands dwellings

C.74     Nos. 74 and 80 Stevenson Street.  Backlands

C.75     Abercromby Street Common Lodging House, opened by the Corporation 1802

C.76     Logan and Johnston Charity School for Girls, Green Street

C.77     Buchanan Institution, facing Glasgow Green, foot of James Street

C.78     Glasgow Green, children at play “Daisy Green” “McPhun’s Park”

C.79     Greenhead Baths

C.80     Templeton’s Carpet Factory 1889 William Leiper

C.81     Washing on the Green

C.82     More Washing on the Green

C.83     Bleaching on the Green

C.84     Old George Geddes of the Humane Society, Glasgow Green

C.85     Humane Society House, Glasgow Green 1790

C.86     “Scotch Washing”

C.87     Son of George Geddes, Humane Society, Glasgow Green

C.88     Bonnie Wee Well, Hugh MacDonald Fountain 1881

C.89     People’s Palace Glasgow Green

C.90     Beauties on the Green

C.91     Bowling on the Green

C.92     Doulton Fountain, Glasgow Green.  Made for the 1888 Exhibition

C.93     Collins Fountain, entrance to Glasgow Green at Saltmarket 1881

C.94     Old print of the Glasgow Fair 1825

C.95     Old print of the Glasgow Fair 1832

C.96     High Court House, Saltmarket

C.97     Old Court House, a view 1828  x 2

C.98    “                “                 “

C.99     Woman in Shawl, Green St. 1910

2 Slides not digitised:  (C.69?)  C.100& C.101

  • John McDowall and Wee Maggie.  Round the corner in Bell St. lived the oldest handloom weaver left in Calton in 1917, then aged over 80.
  • Maggie filled the pirns for him on her spinning wheel, while her uncle looks on


These glass Lantern slides have been digitally reproduced and are now stored in the Old Glasgow Club Archives.  


OLD GLASGOW CLUB                                                       Aitken Collection

Robert Aitken’s Collection of slides of Glasgow life were gifted to the Old Glasgow Club in August 2003.  They have still to be identified accurately and listed.


All of the above Archives are housed in the Library of the Trades House of Glasgow.



OLD  GLASGOW  CLUB                                     Books and Papers

The following books, papers and collections have been added in the last few years. 


Book Acquisitions   from approx. 2008-       Updated  Oct. 2014      AF

Box 1

1.   Alhambra – Glasgow         Smith, Graeme  Glasgow Publications   2011

2.   Anne Frank:  Beyond the Diary      Van der Rol, Ruud & Verhoeven, Rian

                                                                                    Puffin               1995

3.   Castle Semple Rediscovered       Nisbet, S.          RLHF               2009

4.   Centra Glasgow                McKean, Charles et al  Mainstream Publ. & R.I.A.S.

                                                1989   (Binder Copy)

5.   Century of Glasgow:  Events, People and Places over the 20th Century.

                                                            Durie, Bruce                 Sutton Publ.      2000

6.   Childhood in Scotland                   Miller, Christian Cannongate       1989

7.   Chronicles of the Celts                Zaczek, Iain      Collins & Brown           1996

8.   Church History of Scotland          Burleigh, J.H.S. Hope Trust       1988

9.   City of the Dead:  Guide to Glasgow’s Southern Necropolis         South Glasgow Heritage Environment Trust       2007

10.  Clydebuilt:  the Blockade Runners   Graham, Eric J.      Birlinn Ltd.        2006

11.   Credit Draper                 Simons, J. David                        Two Ravens     2008


12.   Deadline:  Story of the Scottish Press   Reid, Harry       BBC/St. Andrews P.


13.   Did You Know?              Foreman, Carol     Glasgow City Libraries    1996

14.   Don’t Walk Down College Street             Ramsey, Ted    Ramshorn Publ.   Glasgow  1985 (Phtc)

15.   Finding Peggy:  a Glasgow Childhood   Henderson, Meg            Corgi Books      1994

16.   Foundations of Glasgow:  the Growth of a City             Registers of Scotland     2009

17.   Gartloch Hospital:  100 Years    Hutton, Guthrie  Stenlake Publ.   1994

18.   Ghosts of Glasgow                      Barr, William W.           R. Drew Publ.   1982

19.   Glasgow              Maver, Irene                 Edinburgh University P.             2000

20.   Glasgow:  A Hundred Years Ago            Tweed’s Glasgow Hand-Book

                                                                                                Molendinar P.   1972

21.   Glasgow:  the Socio-Spatial Development of the City        Pacione, Michael

                                                                                                Wiley                1995

22.   Glasgow Almanac                       Terry, S.           Bookwell/SGHET          2005

23.   Glasgow Dragon             Dillon, Des        Luath P. Edinburgh        2004

24.   Glasgow From the Eye in the Sky             Corrance, Douglas (Ph.) Archer, Ian  

                                                            Mainstream Publ. & Radio Clyde           1988

25.    Glasgow Gospel                         Stuart, Jamie     St Andrew Press            1992

26.   Glasgow in Transition:  Paintings 1958-64                    Whone, Herbert           

                                                                        Colin Baxter Phot. Ltd.    1996

27.   Glasgow Sketch-Book: A Quarter-Century of Observation     Annand, Louise

                                                                                    R. Drew Publ                1988

28.   Glasgow’s Glasgow: People Within a City   The Words and the Stones Publ. 

                                                                        Glasgow City of Culture             1990

29.   Glasgow’s Miles Better:  About Glasgow           Struthers, John               Struthers Publ.  1986

30.   Glencoe and the Indians             Hunter, James               Mainstream Publ  1996                                 

31.   Gorbals Children: a Study in Photographs         McKenzie, Joseph

                                                                                    R. Drew Publ.               1990

32.   Gorbals Voices, Siren Songs      Glasser, Ralph      Chatto & Windus       1990

33.    Great Glasgow Stories II           Burrowes, John Mainstream Publ  2000

34.   Guide to Glasgow Addresses:  Part II  1826 – 1950  Industrial City 

            Miller, Susan     Glasgow & West of Scotland Family History Society    2001

35.    Harry Benson’s Glasgow                                  Black & White Publ      2007

36.   Haunted Glasgow                       Halliday, Ron    Fort                  2008

37.    Hidden Glasgow                                    Foreman, Carol Birlinn Ltd         2001

38.   Historical Tours in the Clyde Valley      Clyde Valley Tourist Assoc & Lanark

                                                                        Archaeological Society  1982

39.   History of the Witches of Renfrewshire.  New ed. With Introduction and Extracts from

                        Records of the Presbytery of Paisley.  Alex. Gairdner Publ.  Paisley   1877

40.   Illustrated Guide to Glasgow  1837       Lindsay, Maurice  Robt. Hale   London  1989

41.   It’s A Bad Thing Whisky, Especially Bad Whisky   Burns, Edward   Balvag Books

                                                                                                Glasgow           1995

Box 2

42.   Last Exit From Bridgeton:  an East End Childhood Remembered   McKenna, James


43.   Liberation of Celia Kahn    Simons, J. David       Five Leaves Publ.          2011

44.   Life and Works of Rennie Mackintosh  Harris, Nathaniel           Parragon Book Service


45.   Medical Archives of Glasgow and Paisley:  GGHB Archives

Tough, Alistair G.   Wellcome History of Medicine/Glasgow University  1993

46.   Midnight Scenes and Social Photographs:  Being Sketches of Life in the Streets.

               Wynds and Dens of the City               Glasgow   1858   Univ. of Glasgow Reprint  1976

47.   Midnight Scenes and Social Photographs          Shadow (C. Harvey)    1976

48.   Midwifery in Scotland:  a History    Reid, Lindsay   Scottish History P.  2011

49.   Motherwell Revisited                King, Steven                 Stenlake Publ      1991  

50.   Night Song of the Last Tram:  a Glasgow Childhood         Douglas, Robert 

                                                                        Hodder & Stoughton                  2005

51.  No Mean City      McArthur, A and Kingsley Long, H        Corgi Books      1956

52.  Old Cathcart, Langside and Mount Florida        Eunson, Eric      Stenlake Publ.   1999

53.   Old Glasgow       Morton, Henry Brougham          Richard Drew Publ.  Glasgow    1988

54.  Old Springburn                            Stuart, Andrew      Stenlake Publ.             1991

55.  Old Townhead’s A Goner           Stuart, Andrew              Stenlake Publ.     1994

56.   Origin and History of the Old Glasgow Club 1900-1935           Lockhart, A, McL.

56a  Park Circus Area:  Corporation of Glasgow Planning Department        1967

57.   Phantom Village:  the Myth of New Glasgow    Spring, Ian    Polygon Edin.   1990

58.  Pollokshaws Through Time        Rountree, George          Stenlake Publ.   2009

59.  Pollokshaws Village and Burgh 1600-1912        McCallum, A   1912

60.  Power and Protection:  The Torbhlaren Bell, Its Shrine and the Relic Tradition

                                    Markus, Gilbert      Argyll & Bute Council Booklet  2009

61.  Regality Club Papers 1st Series and 2nd Series   -  Card covers

62.  Regality Club Papers 3rd Series and 4th Series   - Card covers

63Reputation for Excellence:  a History of the Glasgow Printing Industry

                        Scottish Printing Archival Trust.  Merchiston Publ.     [n.d.]

64. River Clyde:  Discovering           MacLeod, Innes & Gilroy, Margaret

                                                                        John Donald Publ.         1991

65.  Scotland:  James V – James VII   Donaldson, Gordon  (Series:  Edinburgh

                                                History of Scotland  V. 3)   Mercat P.   Edin   1994

66. Scottish and Irish Economic and Social History 1600 – 1900:  Comparative

            Aspects                                                                                   [n.d.]

67.  Scottish Art Review:  V.11  No. 2    1948                      

68. Scottish Midwives:  Twentieth-Century Voices              Reid, Lindsay 

                                                                        Black Devon Books       2008    

69. Scottish Witches                           Cameron, Charles W.      Jarrold Publ.  1994

70. Seawolves:  Pirates & the Scots            Graham, Eric J.   Birlinn           2007

71.  Second City          Oakley, C.A.     Blackie  Glw & London     1964                               

72. Second City:  Glasgow Photographs 1860 – 1960   Terry, Chris    Fort Publ. n.d..

73.  Seen and Not Heard:  Scottish Children 1844-1944   Livingstone, Sheila  

                                                            Scottish Library Assoc.    1998

74. Stan Laurel and Other Stars of the Panopticon      Bowers, Judith     Birlinn  2011

75. Streets of Stone:  Glasgow Stories           Burgess, Moira & Whyte, Hamish (eds)

                                                                                                Salamander P.     1988

76Tales from the Back Green         Paterson, Bill     Hodder & Stoughton      2008

77Tartan Pimpernel                         Caskie, Donald  Birlinn Ltd         1999

78.  Tears the Made the Clyde:  Well-Being in Glasgow    Craig, Carol    Argyll Publ.


79.  Tenement:  a Way of Life.  A social Historical and Architectural Study of Housing in

                        Glasgow           Wordsall, Frank             W & R Chambers Ltd.  1976

                        [Red Binder Photocopy]

80. Tenement House:  Miss Toward of the Tenement House         National Trust for

                                                                                                Scotland (Pack)    1984

81. Times Past:  the Story of Glasgow           Evening Times/Black & White Publ. 2004

82. Trials and Crime Miscellany                    Jarndyce    Cat. No. CXXXII       1999

83.  University of Glasgow:  Through Five Centuries  1451 – 1951   Publ. by University

                                                Commemoration of 5th Centenary     1951

84.  Wee Yellow Butterfly    McCormack, Cathy with Pallister, Marian    Argyll Publ.  2009

85. Witches of Pollok                         Downie, Anne      Capercaillie     2010

86.  Who Belongs to Glasgow?                      Edward, Mary      Glasgow City Libraries   1993





Old Glasgow Club                                            A.L. Hall Collection Books


Title                                                                Author                                    


1.         Guide to Old Govan Parish Church                                                         1963

2.         Battlefield of Langside 1568-1968                                                                      

3          Burgh of Saltcoats: History

4          Bygone Carluke                                                Summerville&Warren                1991

5          Bygone Clyde Valley                                         K Liddell                       1991

6          Cathcart Memories                                            Gartshore                      1938

7          Death By Design: Necropolis                             R Scott                         2005

8          Eglinton Tournament: 1839-1989

9          Fifty Years Of BBC Scotland                            BBC                             1973

10         Fortuna Domas: University Lectures                                                       1952

11         Getting Around Glasgow; Official Guide GlasgowCorporation      1962

12         Glasgow And its Clubs                                       John Strang                   1856

13         Glasgow As It Was Vol 1-3                               M Moss                        1975

14         Glasgow At A Glance                                        Young & Doak 1965

15         Glasgow By Tram                                             Ian Stewart                   1977

16         Glasgow Historical Portraits                               Corporation of Glasgow

17         Glasgow in the 1840s Paintings:  Watercolours by William Simpson         1998                  

18         Glasgow International Exhibition 1888

19         Glasgow Observed                                            S Berry                         1987

20         Glasgow Office Directory 1828-9

21         Glasgow Old And New                                      J House                        1979

22         Glasgow Then And Now                                   R Kenna                       2005

23         Glasgow Trolleybuses                                        B Deans                       1977

24         Glasgow 3rd Statistical Account                                                  1958

25         Glasgow: its Origin and Development                                          1919

26         Glasgow Story                                                   C Stewart Black            1937?

27         Henglers Grand Circque                                                McCarthy                                

28         History of England Vol 1-2                                 T Smoller                      1828

29         History of Glasgow                                            Denholm                       1798

30         History of Glasgow Part 1                                                                      1921

31         History of Scottish Coal Industry 1700-1815                                            1970

32         History of St Andrews Parish Church                 J Thomson                    1905

33         Hyndland                                                          Ann Laird                     1997

34         Industrial Archaeology of Glasgow                     J Hume             1974

35         John Anderson and College he Founded              J Munn 1950

36         Keep off the Grass                                            W Gilmour                    1996

37         Kingston Upon Clyde: 1770-1970

38         Milngavie in old Picture Postcards                                                          1988

39         Monklands Canal                                               G Hamilton                   1993

40         Mount Florida Parts 1&2

41         Old Glasgow                                                     Cant & Lindsay 1947

42         Old Glasgow and its Environments

43         Old Montrose                                                    T Valentine                   1997

44         Ordinance Gazetteer:Scotland Vol 1-6

45         Rosslyn                                                 W Grant                       1950

46         Rosslyn Chapel                                     Earl of Rosslyn

47         Round Glasgow by Tram                                   Ian Stewart                   1979

48         Scenes and Sails of Firth of Clyde                      Gilchrist                        1946

49         Scottish Arts Review Magazine                                                  1960

50         Seeking the Scots                                                          A Robinson                   2006

51         Some Sylvan Scenes near Glasgow                    Brotchie

52         Square Mile of Murder                          Jack House                   1975

53         Anecdotage of Glasgow                         Alison                           1892

54         The Balfron Heritage                                         J Thomson                    1991

55         The Fleeting Years;Drawings from University                             1951

56         The Lady of Claremont House:  Isabella Elder                            1987

57         The Lord Provosts of Glasgow 1833-83                                      1883

58         The Story of the Fossil Grove                                                                 1972

59         Town and Country;1850-1920    University of Glasgow   1986

60         Villages of Glasgow Vol 1                                  Aileen Smart                 1988


Old Glasgow Club                A.L. Hall Papers and Extracts Collection.



1.        Glasgow History Notes 370AD-1399

  1.  Glasgow History Notes 1390-1498
  2.  Glasgow History Notes 1390-1599
  3. Glasgow History Notes 1600-1695
  4. 15th Century Dress
  5. 1700-1799 + Virginia mansion extract 1894
  6. Calendar of events 18th century
  7. Denholm’s history of Glasgow 1800-1899
  8. 1900-1993 Calendar of events -  List of Sources
  9. Geological Time
  10. Political Constitution of Glasgow
  11. Date of founding Chairs of Glasgow University
  12. Glasgow Notes, general
  13. Disc of Glasgow Calendar
  14. Ground Plan of Bishops Castle
  15. Approx map of Molindinar Burn
  16. Extracts from “ Nestor” Rambling Recollections of Old Glasgow
  17. Extracts from early travellers in Scotland
  18. A L Hall Personal index
  19. Crib notes-Plan of High Street
  20. Crib notes on Alan Pinkerton
  21. Photographs Glasgow- River Kelvin, Kelvinside Terrace
  22. Watermans House, Anniesland Cross
  23. Jamaica Bridge
  24. Portrait of Sam Bough
  25. Thomas Annan 1868-1877
  26. The Tontine
  27. The City of the West ( Foulis)
  28. Black and White Postcards of Glasgow
  29. 2 Watercolours- Partick Bridge, Anderson Museum
  30. Newspaper photograph – St Vincent Street
  31. Newspaper photograph – Partick Bridge
  32. Newspaper photograph- 77 Saltmarket
  33. Swan’s views of Glasgow 1 - 24
  34. Spare set of Swan’s views of Glasgow
  35. Newspaper clippings of Glasgow streets and buildings
  36. Miss Cranston’s Tearoom
  37. Emillo Gizzi’s Restaurant Great Western Road
  38. Wylie and Lochead - 125 years
  39. West of Scotland College of Domestic Science
  40. Scotland’s Oldest Pub
  41. Prices Then and Now
  42. Pottery Rosewater bottle – Illus.
  43. 19th cent Painting Glasgow Green
  44. A Century Ago -  news sounds familiar
  45. Sir Thomas Lipton 1850-1931
  46. Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery
  47. Maps of Glasgow 1952
  48. Kelvin Bridges and surrounding
  49. Blaeu’s Maps, Place names for Arran, Bute, Dunbartonshire, Renfrewshire.
  50. North Street,  Glasgow.
  51. Moving of William Annan Statue
  52. Finnieston Ferry
  53. Cheers! Happy Days
  54. Barr and Stroud
  55. Mining in Scotland
  56. Trouble at Mill
  57. Sammy Gilmore UCS Convener
  58. Milestones on Way to Jet Age
  59. Glasgow Underground- 2 items
  60. New Train at Partick
  61. Gorbals Statue
  62. Various clippings on Glasgow Flood
  63. Steam Boat on Clyde
  64. Brochure- Mugdock Castle
  65. Brochure- Bearsden Roman Fort
  66. Brochure- Provan Hall
  67. Brochure- James Watt 1736-1819
  68. Paisley, largest town that would be a city
  69. Jottings from a 1879 voyage
  70. How the Gettysburg changed its address
  71. Early gas making
  72. Electrical Contractors Association dinner, dance
  73. Royal Faculty of Procurators Glasgow, Guide
  74. Glasgow Sugar Trade
  75. Chic Murray-Best of Chic’s classic jokes
  76. 2 Cartoons- Middin, Sir William Gray
  77. Metropole came back to the met
  78. James Bridie Scottish Playwright
  79. Milestone in Glasgow Cinema history
  80. Pavilion Theatre opening
  81. The 1st Glasgow Boy Scouts
  82. Scottish National Players
  83. Duncan Macrae & Molly Urquhart 1949/50
  84. Glasgow Film Theatre
  85. Glasgow International Exhibition 1888
  86. Westerton:  a Glasgow Suburb
  87. Empire Exhibition Glasgow 1938
  88. Glasgow Made It 1930s
  89. Glasgow Garden Festival 1988
  90. Vincenzo Lunardi Balloon landing 1785
  91. Requiem for poor McGrory
  92. Pope visits Dali’s Christ ?
  93. Rudolph Hess captured.




OLD GLASGOW CLUB                                                          T. McSkimming Collection                            

                                                                                      Acq. Approx. 2011

Box 1:

1.         Annals (Some) of the United Presbyterian Congregation of Wellington Street, Glasgow 

            MITCHELL, James      Glasgow           Aird & Coghill  1877

2.         Bishop’s Castle, the Book of … and Handbook of the Archaeological Collection. 

Prtd. for the International Exhibition,  Glasgow.   T & A Constable           1888

3.         Black Bull Inn, Glasgow.        Three Letters to the “Glasgow Herald”     Glasgow        1909

4.         Blackie & Son  1809 – 1959:  a Short History of the Firm

            BLACKIE, Agnes A.C.            Glasgow           Blackie & Son Ltd         1959

5          Board of Green Cloth:  Minute Book  1809 – 1820 With the Notes of the Members

Glasgow           Priv Prtd. No. 57           Maclehose & Sons        1841

6.         Book of Glasgow Anecdote:  Illustrated

MALLOCH, D. MacLeod         London/Edinburgh         T.N. Foulis        1913

7.         Bursaries, Schools, Mortifications and Bequests:  for which Magistrates & Council of the City of Glasgow, Act, Either in Whole or Part, as Trustees, Patrons or Administrators

Glasgow           Glasgow University Press          1861

8.         Chronicles of Gotham or, the Facetious History of Official Proceedings:  Illustrated

[n.au.]  Glasgow           To Be Had From the Bookseller 1856

9.         Clyde:  River and Firth

            Painted:  Mary Y. and J. Young HUNTER   Described:  Neil MUNRO.

            London Adam and Charles Black           1907

10.       College Courant:  Journal of the Glasgow University Graduates Association

Collection:         Vol II   No.3   Martinmas  1949

                        Vol III  No 6     Whitsun   1951

                        Vol IV  No 8     Whitsun   1952

                        Vol V   No 9     Martinmas  1952                                               3/-

11.       Days at the Coast:  a Series of Sketches:  Firth of Clyde – Its Watering-Places, Its Scenery and Its Associations

MACDONALD, Hugh  Glasgow           Robt. Lindsay                1857

12.       Divinity Principals in the University of Glasgow  1545 – 1654

REID, Rev. H.M.B.      Glasgow           Maclehose & Sons        1917

13.       Double Choir at Glasgow Cathedral  2ed.

WATSON, Thomas Lennox       Glasgow           RIBA/James Hedderwick & Sons Ltd    1916                 5/- nett

14.       Early Scottish Newspapers and Extras:  Revelations of the Good Old Days?

TIERNEY, James & J.H.          Helensburgh      Priv, Printd.       1961     3/- nett

15.       Exhibition of Work by Charles Rennie Mackintosh:  Illustrated Catalogue

HOWARTH, Thomas               Saltire Society and Arts Council of Great Britain 1953     1/6d

16.       Familiar Illustrations of Scottish Life;  Embodying Nearly Five Hundred Anecdotes and Stories, Chiefly Original.  2ed.

ROGERS, Rev. Charles London Houlston and Wright                  1866

17.       Five-Hundred Year Book:  to Commemorate the Fifth Centenary of the University of Glasgow  1451 – 1951

HAMILTON, Ian R. (ed.)         Glasgow           Students Fifth Centenary Committee, University of Glagow             1951

18.       Fifty Years in the Baking Trade  1872 – 1922Bilsland Brothers Ltd.  Hydepark Bakery   Commemoration Issue                Illustrated.        Glasgow

19.       Fifty Year of Newspaper Life  1845 – 1895;  being Chiefly Reminiscences of That Time  [Glasgow Herald]

SINCLAIR, Alexander  Priv. Prntd.       [n.date]

20.       Foundations of Glasgow

WHITE, James       Glasgow           University Press/Maclehose & Co. Ltd   [Mainly Partick]            1934

21.       Glasgow Academy:  the First Hundred Years

Committee & Prof. C.A. CAMPBELL, Glasgow University.       Publ for the Glasgow Academy by Blackie & Son Ltd.      1946

22.       Glasgow Herald  Centenary:  Banquet in St. Andrews Halls              1882.

            Programme, Addresses etc.                   1882

23.       Glasgow in 1901

MUIR,  James Hamilton, Illustrated by BONE, Muirhead   Glasgow           William Hodge & Co.       1901

24        Glasgow Limited:  a Case-Study in Industrial War and Peace

PATERSON, T.T.              Cambridge Univ. Press  1960

25.       Glasgow Rivers and Their Streams, Their Legend and Lore

BROTCHIE,  T.C.F. [with 40 sketches by the Author]          Glasgow           Maclehose & Sons        1914

26.       Glasgow Rivers and Their Streams etc.   Another copy of above, same edition, same date.

27        Glasgow Stock Exchange Association  1844 – 1898:  Records     Glasgow  Maclehose & Sons   1898

Box 2:

28.       Glasgow University Chapel:  Booklet/Description     8 pages         

                  Glasgow           Maclehose & Co. Ltd.              [n. date]

29.       Glasgow University Press  1638 – 1931:  With Some Notes on Scottish Printing in the Last Three Hundred Years

MACLEHOSE, James  Glasgow           Glasgow University Press          1931 

(Plate:  Robert Foulis,  Printer to the University from 1743 to 1776 [Tassie])

30.       Glimpses of Glasgow:  Its Character, Romance and Charm

EADIE, Robert  (…shown in a few Illustrations) Glasgow           H & J Pillars & Wilson  [n. date]

31.       Guests of St. Mungo Or, Days in Old Glasgow

LAURENCE, Hugh                  Glasgow           Blackie & Son Ltd.        1914

32.       High School of Glasgow

ASHMALL, Henry A.  Glasgow           Publ. for the High School of Glasgow Club by Scottish Academic Press Ltd.        1976

33.       Hillhead High School Club  1902 – 1952      

Publ. for Hillhead High School, War Memorial Trust & Hillhead High School Club            1952

34.       Historical Account of the Grammar School of Glasgow:  with a List of the Duxes from 1782 till 1825

CLELAND, James        Glasgow           Khull, Blackie and Co.   1825

35.       History of Downahill Church  1823 – 1923

DICKIE, Rev. William   Glasgow           John Tomlinson Ltd. (Stanley Works, Partick)     1926

36.       History of Free St. George’s Church, Glasgow,  1843 – 1893

YOUNG, George B.                  Glasgow           W. Hodge & Co.           1896

37        History of Glasgow

GIBSON,  John Glasgow           1777                 Leather Binding, loose

38.       History of St. Andrew’s Parish Church, Glasgow

THOMSON, Rev. James           Glasgow           Robert Anderson           1905

39.       History of St. Andrew’s Parish Church, Glasgow etc.

2 Copies same book, different bindings

40        History of the Glasgow Society of Lady Artists’ Club  [Founded 1882]

Glasgow           Priv. Prtntd.      Maclehose & Co. Ltd.               1950

41.       History of the Merchants House of Glasgow

REID, J.M.       Glasgow           George Outram & Co Ltd          [n. date]

42.       House of Collins:  the Story of a Scottish Family Publishers from 1789 to the Present Day                      KEIR, David               Glasgow           Collins 1952

43.       Incorporation of Bakers of Glasgow

NESS, James and R. Ralston (NESS) – Joint Clerks                    Glasgow           William McLellan & Co.            1931

44.       Inglis, Glasgow:  the Story of a Shipbuilding Family  [Pointhouse Shipyard]

INGLIS, John G.           Arbroath           Herald Press                 [n. date]

45.       James Finlay & Company Limited:  Manufacturers and East India Merchants  1750 – 1950                    Glasgow           Priv. Prtntd. Jackson & Co.       1951

46.       Jeems Kaye:  His Adventures and Opinions.  2nd Series [Reprinted from “The Bailie”]  Illustrated     Glasgow            Bailie Office     [n. date]    Excellent Advertising Pages

47.       Jones’s Directory, or, Useful Pocket Companion – for the Year 1787:  Introduction and Notes of Old Glasgow Celebrities by the “Rambling Reporter”.

Glasgow           William Love                 1868 Reprint

48.       Jones’s Directory, or, Useful Pocket Companion etc.      As above:  1887 Reprint

49.       Kelvinside United Free Church Glasgow:  a Record of Forty Years  1859 – 1909

            RIDDOCH, D.S. (ed.)              Glasgow           Maclehose & Co. Ltd                1909

50.       Last Tram

OAKLEY, Charles A    Glasgow           Corporation of City of Glasgow  1962     10/6d.

51.       Laurel Bank School  1903 – 1953

Glasgow     John Smith & Son Ltd.   1953

52        Lectures on the Laws of Health:  Govan Parish School Board

ARBUCKLE BROWN, G   Glasgow           John Horn Ltd               1910

53        Literary Landmarks of Glasgow

KILPATRICK, James A                 Glasgow           St Mungo Press 1898

[Published originally in Glasgow Evening News 1885]

54.       Loch Lomond Park and the Braes O’Balloch:  Illustrated

BROTCHIE, T.C.F.            Glasgow           Corporation of Glasgow 1920

55.       Man of Influence:  Alex Reid  1854 – 1928

Scottish Arts Council           Glasgow           Exhibition Oct – Nov 1967        

56.       Mediaeval Glasgow

PRIMROSE, Rev. James    Glasgow           Maclehose & Sons        1913

Box 3:

57        Note on Some Glasgow and Other Provincial Coins and Tokens

MURRAY, David               Glasgow           Maclehose & Sons        1885

58.       Old Glasgow Essays  

MITCHELL, John Oswald   Glasgow           Maclehose & Sons        1905

59.       Old Minute Book of the Faculty of Procurators in Glasgow  1668 – 1758

MUIRHEAD, John Spencer            Glasgow           Faculty of Procurators   1948

60.       Old Partick:  Its Schools and Schoolmasters

GREENHORNE, William [Headmaster] Glasgow           John Tomlinson Ltd (Stanley Works, Partick)       1914    

61.       One Hundred Years in Timber:  History of the City Saw Mills  1849 – 1949  [Brownlee & Co. Ltd.  City Saw Mills., Port Dundas]

CARVEL, John L.        Glasgow           Maclehose & Co. Ltd                1949

62.       Origin and History of Glasgow Streets

MACKINTOSH, Hugh                   Glasgow           James Hedderwick & Sons        1902     6d.

63.       Partick Curling Club  1842 – 1970

CRAN, J. Duncan               Glasgow           Priv. Prntd.       1971

64.       Popular Traditions of Glasgow:  Historical, Legendary and Biographical

WALLACE, Andrew (ed.)  Glasgow           Thomas D. Morison(sic)     1889

65 – 68.  Proceedings of the Royal Philosophical Society of Glasgow             Royal Philosophical Society of Glasgow

                        Vol. 37             1905 – 1906

                        Vol. 39             1907 – 1908

                        Vol. 41 1909 – 1910

                        Vol. 53 1924 – 1925       

69.       Profile of Glasgow Housing 1965  [University of Glasgow, Social & Economic Studies.  Occas. Paper No.8]

CULLINGWORTH, J.B.                Edinburgh         Oliver & Boyd              1968

70.       Rambles Round Glasgow:  Descriptive, Historical and Traditional.  5ed.

MACDONALD, Hugh        Glasgow    Robert Lindsay        1854     (Buckram/Leather tooled cover)

71.       Rambles Round Glasgow:  … as above.  New Edition with Introduction and Notes by Rev. G. H. Morrison   Glasgow           John Smith & Son          1910  (Cloth bound)


72.       Records of the Incorporation of Barbers, Glasgow:  Formerly the Incorporation of Chirurgeons and Barbers

TENNENT, James B. (Narrator)     Glasgow           Wilson Guthrie & Co.    1930    

73.       Reid’s New Map of the River Clyde:  From Carmyle to Gourock.  2ed.

REID, Andrew & Co. Ltd               Glasgow           1899                 7/6d.

74.       Reminiscences of Glasgow Sheriff Court:  Reprinted The Scottish Law Review

YOUNG, George B.            Glasgow           William Hodge & Co.                1907

75.       St. Kentigern:  the Story pf the Bird and the Tree;  the Bell, the Fish, and the Ring.

            LAMONT, J.K. [in Verse]        Glasgow           William Hodge & Co.    1894

76.       Sketch of the History of Glasgow

            PAGAN, James            Glasgow           Robert Stuart & Co.                  1847

77.       So This Is Glasgow!

            GULLIVER, Lemuel Swift                    Glasgow           Jackson, Son & Co.       1938

78.       Some Letters of Robert Foulis

MURRAY, David         Glasgow           Maclehose & Sons        1917  [Reprint “Scottish Historical Review   Jan/April  1917]

79.       Story of the Barony of the Gorbals

            ORD, John                    Paisley              Alexander Gardner        1919

80.       Tramway Guide  1911             Routes with Descriptions.  Advertisements

81.       Trinity College Glasgow  1856 – 1956  [With an Account of the College Library]   

            MECHIE,  Stewart and MACKINTOSH, James            Centenary Volume        Glasgow

82.       Weir Group:  a Centenary History

            READER, W. J.           London             Weidenfeld & Nicolson  1971

83.       Why Cathcart?:  or, “By Cartha’s Side”

            MARSHALL, Jean                   Glasgow           Priv. Publ.         1969


84. Scottish Art Review:  Loose Issues

From Vol. 2 No.3  1949  to  Vol. 16 No 1 1984  Incomplete, many Issues missing.    41 Issues.