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What's Past
is Prologue...

a musical history from the
Archives of the Royal Conservatoire

Stuart A Harris-Logan
Thursday 11th April

209 Bath Street

The Antonine Wall

13th September 2018

Jim Mearns

Glasgow's Singing Traditions

11th October 2018

Adam McNaughtan

Mackintosh, Symbolism and the
Glasgow School of Art

8th November 2018

Dr Robyne Calvert

Glasgow's First World War through the City Archives

13th December 2018

Irene O'Brien

When Sundays brought The Post

10th January 2019

Jill Scott and Bill Hicks

An Evening for Members and Friends

14th February 2019

Members' Night

The Maid of the Loch

14th March 2019

David Hunter

What's Past is Prologue 

a musical history of Glasgow from the archives and collections of the Royal Consrvatoire of Scotland
11h April 2019

Dr Stuart A. Harris - Logan

Annual membership of the Club is £20 and visitors are made welcome at a cost of £4 per meeting. Club membership entitles the holder to the use of the Old Glasgow Club Library which is located at the Trades House, Glassford Street.

Unless intimated to the contrary, all meetings are held at Adelaide’s, 209 Bath Street on the Thursday evenings stated 

at 7:30pm. Tea and coffee are available from 7:00pm. 

I'd like to join the Old Glasgow Club

At the moment we don't take subscriptions through the web site, just let us know that you'd like to join and the first meeting you're coming to and we'll have your welcome pack ready. Annual membership of the club is £20 (or you can "taste and try" for £4 per meeting)


Brian D. Henderson
44 Dundrennan Road, Glasgow. G42 9SE
0141 649 6563

Hon. Secretary

Joyce McNae
26 Queen's Drive, Glasgow. G42 8DD
0141 423 1897

Membership Secretary

Niall Houser
0141 389 8534


Margaret Thom
80 Cartvale Road, Glasgow. G42 9SW
0141 636 1538

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